Mr. Robert Rose

Rob has been the owner of Brant Photographers, in downtown Bellevue, Washington since 1985.

The studio specializes in Fine Portraiture of families, children and executives. A second generation photographer, Rob followed in his father Ken’s footsteps as photographer and owner of Brant. Rob’s mother, Arlene is still active in the business and continues to work on a part-time basis.

Back in 1974 at the age of 16, Rob was a Rotary Club exchange student and spent his junior year of high school in Calcutta, India attending school and traveling throughout the country. This experience gave him a broader world perspective and helped shape his life. He still keeps in close contact with two of his host families.

In 1997, Rob read an article about the impoverished lives of children living in Nepal. He made a phone call to volunteer his photographic expertise to help out a nonprofit organization based in California that was providing assistance to many children in Nepal. That one call started a cascade of events that has led to a volunteer odyssey spanning eight years and twelve projects- two in India and ten in Nepal, providing assistance to orphans, disabled children, hearing impaired kids, abused women and victims of terminal cancer. Most of the projects have been accomplished with grant assistance from Bellevue Rotary Club and it’s parent organization, Rotary International. They have had a wonderfully positive impact on the lives of disadvantaged and disabled children. Rob has been a active member of Bellevue Rotary Club since 1985. Bellevue Rotary Club is active locally and internationally with 200 members from the business community. He held the board position as International Director in 2003-2004, and has been the World Community Service chair from 2004-2006.

Rob and his wife Gina work together closely on project coordination. They have three sons: Aaron, Richard and Carey.