Every child deserves
to dream.

But for many children, dreams are only fantasies, never to be realized. TRIFC wants to change that. You can help.​

Like other nonprofits, TRIFC relies on community support to achieve our mission and change the future for a child living with a disability in Nepal.

Because we are a 501C 3 nonprofit organization, any donation is tax deductible to the extent permitted by law.

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Give Your Treasure

Sponsor A Child

The Rose International Foundation for Children

TRIFC is currently assisting 80 students with disabilities who are in urgent need of educational funding support.

These students range in age from elementary school level to university level. Yearly educational costs start around $250 per year for younger students. 

The cost for students undertaking higher education or younger students who are placed in a special education situation is approximately $1,400/yr. This includes a student’s educational fees, uniform, admission fees and often include dorm/hostel accommodations and food. Contact us for more information.

In-kind donations: TRIFC occasionally accepts in-kind gifts. 

However, because we work with such a specialized population and in a different country, it is best to contact us to determine if what you have to offer can be properly utilized.


Did You KNow?

A $500 Donation Can Bring Orthopedic Care To A Child?

The Rose International Foundation for Children

Skills & Talent

Perhaps you have a talent or expertise that could help our organization. We could use IT support, data entry support, and public relations support. Let us know what you have in mind, and we can see if there’s a good fit.



TRIFC has several special events each year to raise awareness and/or funding for our projects and programs. Volunteers are needed for those events for check-in/registration, set-up, etc. Contact us.

Ways to donate

Cash Donations:

Cash donations are the most effective way to support the work we do because we can then apply your gift to the area of greatest need. You can also make your gift in honor or memory of a loved one or in celebration of a special occasion. We will notify the person(s) of your choice of your generous gift.

Donated funds go a long way in Nepal. Here are a few examples of what your gift could accomplish.



Tactile Educational Tools for The Blind

Your donation of $25 will provide a set of beginning English Braille books as shown here in the ‘Hooray for Braille’ set, or other tactile learning materials for the blind/visually impaired. Learning about concepts through touch is so crucial to their development. Encouraging reading skills and tactile understanding of the world around them is vital for students’ success in school and life! TRIFC has launched a new, innovative tactile educational program for the blind and visually impaired in Province #1 of Eastern Nepal. We are taking this program nationwide to bring the light of education to these forgotten children.


Organic Farming Starter Kits

With each donation of $50, a graduate of TRIFC’s Organic Farming and Poultry-Raising program for adults with disabilities will receive a beautiful gift basket of seeds and farming tools funded with love by you, our donors!

TRIFC’s Organic Farming Program is a comprehensive, 3-month training program that focuses on organic farming and poultry-raising skills that also involves learning business and marketing skills. Our graduates will be able to return to their home villages with the knowledge and confidence needed to be successful and respected in their community!


Sanitary Protection Kits

Your donation of $100 will provide reusable sanitary protection kits to 5 young women with disabilities

These life-transforming kits are sewn by TRIFC’s Deaf Women’s Empowerment Group and are distributed to female students with disabilities throughout Nepal along with extensive hygiene information by our trained and certified Nepali staff. The kits, which last for up to 3 years, provide the students with a safe, hygienic, and reliable product that will allow them to attend school every day during their period.


Providing nutritious food for students

Your donation of $250 will provide nutritious foods for 25 students with blindness at the Sanjiwani School in Dhulikhel. Every week, members of the Rotaract Club of Dhulikhel deliver fresh fruits, vegetables and eggs to this group of residential students. Without your help and TRIFC’s support only the most basic foods would be provided by the school.

These students already live away from their homes in the school dormitory for much of the school year so including these fresh and nutritious foods in their diets greatly improves their health, quality of life and happiness!


Orthopedic surgery for a child with disability

A $500 donation will fund an orthopedic surgery and/or prosthetic for a child with disability. Over 75 surgeries have been accomplished through funding provided by TRIFC. All of our funded surgeries are done at HRDC Children’s Orthopedic Hospital in Kavre-Banepa, Nepal. This is a hospital where we have wonderful contacts and connections with the hospital administration, doctors, and staff.


Tactile educational materials for blind/low-vision students

$1,000 provides a full array of tactile educational materials and braille books for blind/low-vision students for one entire school! These critical educational materials allow students to ‘touch, sense & learn’. TRIFC is currently providing support in 26 schools in three Nepali provinces.

Our goal is to reach all 75 schools, in all 7 provinces of Nepal, where the blind/low-vision study!

Any donation is valuable, large or small.

If you have a larger donation to give, it can help fund an entire center for children with cerebral palsy or provide computers and teachers for students with blindness. Please contact us for more information.

Donations of appreciated stock: Donations of stock often allow individuals to make larger gifts than they would normally give. Our policy is to immediately sell the stock and turn it into cash. You will be credited with the average between the high and low value of the stock on the day it was donated and can take that as your tax deduction. Please contact us if this is how you choose to give your support.

TRIFC has the necessary accounts in place to receive those funds.

Bequests: A gift through your will is a simple and effective way to make a huge impact on the future of our work. You can donate a specific amount, a percentage of your estate, or the remainder of your estate after all other commitments are made.

Click here to contact us about bequest wording for your will.

If you have questions, simply fill them out in the message field.

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