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Hope and Essential Resources To People Living with Disabilities in Nepal

Who We Help

Every child deserves to dream and to have the opportunity to make those dreams a reality. And yet, children with disabilities in Nepal often live in extreme isolation because of the stigma attached to anyone born with physical or mental disabilities.

These children suffer from a lack of self-worth, and feelings of depression, guilt, and humiliation. What’s more, they may be subject to discrimination or vulnerable to abuse. Disability is not a choice.

We fight for them.


The Many

Tactile Learning Materials & Teacher Training for Blind/Visually-Impaired Students

TRIFC is providing basic braille materials, braille books, tactile models, human anatomy models, tactile puzzles, low-vision devices, and game materials for blind/visually-impaired students.

Organic Farming & Poultry-Raising Program for Adults with

TRIFC is empowering people with disabilities
in farming, poultry-raising and business development with our 3-month
‘Inclusive Organic Farming & Poultry-Raising Program’.


Our commitment to addressing needs of all sizes.

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Education Sponsorships for Students with Disabilities

TRIFC provides educational sponsorships to approximately 45 children with disabilities. These sponsorships often include dormitory/hostel and food. Most sponsorships are for students in their higher secondary or college-level studies.

Deaf Women’s Empowerment

TRIFC started this empowerment group as a way for adult deaf women to form friendships, community and develop skills that can help them earn money. It can be very isolating in Nepal to be a deaf woman, particularly after high school/college when deaf
school friends go back to their home villages.


The One


Seema Tamang

Bellevue College Student

Seema Tamang returned to Bellevue in June 2022 to begin her college journey at Bellevue College. Living with her host parents Rob and Gina, Seema is doing extremely well at school. She was recently nominated by her Interpersonal Relations class teacher for the ‘Transforming Lives’ award at school, who wrote, “I am very much impressed with [Seema], who as a person with blindness coming from Nepal, showed great dedication to her course of learning, especially with her courage and candor relating to her own life experience in her reflection writings. She helped all of us see a slice of her experience that is usually invisible to others.”


Muna Puri

Agriculture Student

Muna grew up in the DNC organization (Disabled New Life Centre) in Kathmandu, Nepal. She came to the center when she was about 4 years old with a disability that was later corrected by orthopedic surgery. Although she is now studying for her bachelor’s degree in agriculture, Muna is also a gifted artist who wanted to give back to TRIFC by creating beautiful, individual works of art in the form of bookmarks! Muna is kind, thoughtful, and insightful and we are so proud of her! TRIFC is continuing to support Muna to achieve her educational goals.

Bharat B.C.

From Sponsorship To Employment

TRIFC and ADSoN are so happy to introduce Mr. Bharat BC, not as a sponsored student, but as ADSoN’s Program Manager! Bharat (seated in photo) had been working for another organization supporting employment and empowerment programs for people with disabilities when his job contract with them ended. Their loss was our gain as we quickly hired Bharat to fill this important position for ADSoN, TRIFC’s direct implementing partner. Bharat is a fine young man who understands the circumstances of growing up with a disability in a residential program AND being with a non-profit organization supporting people with disabilities.

EIN: 56-2543235

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