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ADSoN- Ability Development Society of Nepal
It was a very proud moment for me to hear my humble little poem put to music by Mr. Sagar Lama and hear his beautiful voice sing it with such passion! - Rob.
P.S. Here's the full poem:
The Leaf & The Raindrop

by Robert Rose …..Dedicated to friends and friendship

You were a leaf on a tree and I was a raindrop.

One day when the time was right, I decided to leap from the cloud I lived in.

I fell to earth not knowing where I would land.

Down, down, down I fell.

Just before reaching the ground I landed on a very nice leaf.

It was you! You were kind to receive me so graciously.

In that instant, our lives were forever changed.

You provided me with friendship and I gave you mine in return.

Together we were so much stronger than we would be apart.

All of the leaves on the tree took notice of this and they felt uplifted and strong.

Though it began with just one leaf and one raindrop, many others were affected, many others were inspired and many others were forever changed.
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'The Leaf and the Raindrop' Poem by Robert Rose "That dream is not dream, if there is no vision and passion to turn the dream into reality That creation is not creation, if there is no mission to use it for the welfare of mankind" Sagar Lama (student with Visually Impaired) singing song (the music composed by himself) for the poem ‘The Leaf and the Raindrop’ written by Robert Rose especially dedicated to the Persons with Disability (PWDs) of Nepal. Sagar Lama is practicing music course in Shrijana Fine Art College in intermediate level. His dream is to become successful musician and singer in future. Sagar Lama (one of our sponsored students) is on the trail of his goal and dedicated to putting full effort to achieve his aim. So, the ‘Leaf and the Raindrop’ poem is his small attempt to raise his music career. He composed the music out of inspiration from Robert Rose's poem. Since more than two decades Robert Rose has been working for Children/People with Disability of Nepal. After being so familiar with situation of People with Disability (PWD) of Nepal he has constantly supported PWDs to improve overall conditions for them. He has brought different concepts (disability projects) from US and implemented in Nepal to create opportunity for Children/People with Disability. In course of his regular visits to Nepal he became a friend of Children/People with Disability and wrote several poems (poems depicted stories of PWDs) for them. ‘The Leaf and the Raindrop’ is one of the of his poems dedicated to friends and friendship.

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Surendra ChaulagaiA fabulous performance indeed.

2 weeks ago

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ADSoN- Ability Development Society of Nepal
Trillium ( sponsors Darshan through TRIFC/ADSoN. SGCP (Self-Help Group for Cerebral Palsy) does an excellent job of helping students with disabilities achieve their best. Thank you Trillium and SGCP for your involvement and dedication!
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Life without ambition is like moving boat without sailor, but Darshan K.C. is sailor of his own boat and knows how to control his boat and take it to right direction even if there is so much hindrance before him. Darshan K.C. (one of our beneficiary) is 17 years old boy rehabilitating in ‘Self Help Group for Cerebral Palsy’ (SGCP) in Dhapakhel, Lalitpur. He has severe cerebral palsy (his body doesn’t function well below the head level) SGCP has been trying to improve movement of his hand to reduce stiffness of his hand so that he could do normal daily activities and use computer for his study. Moreover he can move his wheelchair from backward with the support of his leg to reach short destination. He is now studying in grade 6. SGCP has been providing home tuition for him in weekly basis and up grading his level as per his performance. Darshan K.C.’s favorite subject is English. He wants to be a poet in future. He has written 61 poems till this date apart from this he has plan to write book in future of his own.