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Potato or Tomato?
Potato or Tomato?

Here’s a riddle for you…
Question: When is a road not a road?
Answer: When it’s the road to Jorpati, of course!

The road from Kathmandu out to Jorpati is particularly impressively bad right now, though to be honest, it’s always been a bit of a ‘craters of the moon’ ride for as long as I’ve been visiting Nepal.

Not only is it a holey-rolling-careening rocket ship ride of bumps, jumps and axel-breaking drops, it is also a dusty (turning to muck after a thunderstorm), choking, coughing and eye-itching/burning ride of despair (I’m not overstating this!). Add in the diesel-smoke belching trucks and busses that always seem to manage to get directly in front of you and you’ve got a real respiratory challenge for your poor little lungs.

Why is it this way? Well, there’s some good news behind the bad, which is that they are both widening the road and putting in new city water pipes which will provide more and cleaner water to the city’s inhabitants. That part is great. When will all this be done? Better not to ask…

We’ve been riding around town in a tiny taxi driven by our intrepid taxi driver, Harka. Unfortunately, we don’t have A/C and it’s pretty hot and sticky here right now. So….to make this hellish trip a bit more fun and exciting, I developed two ‘code words’ which you yell out when you want to either: close the windows due to dust and diesel truck smoke. Or alternately, open them after the really bad bits are passed by. These two code words (please keep them secret as they are very, very secret!) are: “potato” (quick- close the bloody windows!). And, “tomato” (open the windows back up and breathe again!).

Why do we suffer and endure such a punishing ride? To visit our wonderful kids at DNC (Disabled Newlife Centre) and DHC (Disabled Help Centre), of course! Going out to visit the kids TRIFC/ADSoN help support makes all of the trouble and discomfort worthwhile. The kids’ radiant smiles and vibrant laughter shake the dust and grit right off you and leave you feeling like you’ve just been through an automated carwash! You are fresh and new and….ready for the ride back??? Of course you are…..”Potatooooooo”!!!!
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Rose FalconerOh what memories your story revives! Bless you Rob for your love and dedication!

8 hours ago

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Two (Too) Cute Success Stories!
Two (Too) Cute Success Stories!
Featured in this short video are two of our TRIFC/ADSoN sponsored students- Chunni and Srijana. Chunni will read for you and Srijana is doing a dance she recently learned. Both have made meaningful progress in their lives while studying at SERC (Special Educational Resource Centre) in Kathmandu, Nepal. At this center there are individualized weekly and monthly goals which focus on specific problem areas both in academic studies as well as personal, daily-living skills. SERC has made a great change in the lives of many children with challenging disabilities and we at TRIFC/ADSoN are dedicated to continuing our support for children with disabilities.
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