How To Help

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Donate: Donated funds go such a long way in Nepal! Here are a few examples of what a wonderful value your donation to TRIFC is and what can be funded with it:

  • Orthopedic Surgeries for children at $300 per procedure.
  • Fresh fruits, eggs, chicken and fresh vegetables for a group of 15 blind/visually-impaired students: $200 per month
  • School sponsorship for a student with disabilities: $250 – $1,400 per year, including hostel/dormitory and food.
  • Chess set for the blind/visually-impaired: $15 per set
  • Any donation is valuable, large or small. If you have a larger donation to give, it can help fund an entire center for children with cerebral palsy, or provide computers and teachers for students with blindness!

Note* All donations to TRIFC are tax deductible as allowed by USA law and tax codes. TRIFC is a registered 501c3 non-profit organization, EIN #56-2543235

End-of-year tax planning: If would like to make an end-of-year tax-deductible donation of money or stock, TRIFC has the necessary accounts in place to receive those funds.


In Nepal: Would you like to travel over to Nepal as part of our volunteer service groups, TRIFC fundraising trekking groups, or even on your own? Contact us for more information.

In the US: You may have a talent or expertise that could help our organization! Let us know what you have in mind and we can see if there’s a good fit! Contact us

In addition, TRIFC has several special events each year to raise awareness and/or funding for our projects and programs. Volunteers are needed for those events for check-in/registration, set-up, etc. Contact us

Sponsor a child

TRIFC is currently assisting 80 students with disabilities who were in urgent need of educational funding support. These students range in age from elementary school level to college and university level. Yearly educational costs range from $250 per year for younger students to $1,400 for students undertaking higher education or younger students who are placed in a special education situation.  Costs include a student’s educational fees, uniform, admission fees and often include dorm/hostel accommodations and food. Contact us for more information.