Sponsor a Child

TRIFC is currently assisting 80 students with disabilities who were in urgent need of educational funding support. These students range in age from elementary school level to college and university level. Yearly educational costs range from $250 per year for younger students to $1,400 for students undertaking higher education or younger students who are placed in a special education situation. Costs include a student’s educational fees, uniform, admission fees and often include dorm/hostel accomodations and food.

We provide twice-a-year reports to sponsors from their student. Sponsors are encouraged to send coorespondence to their child, which is done through our TRIFC sponsor coordinator. We do our best to keep the sponsor informed of any important news regarding their sponsored child. You can click on the sponsor guidelines below to read more details about what we do to keep you in-the-know about your child.

Sometimes our sponsored students will have learning disabilities or multiple disabilities that will keep them from performing well academically. For these students it is just as important to have the opportunity to attend school, but their sponsor’s expectation levels may need to be adjusted to the child’s abilities.

Please contact us if you are interested in sponsoring a student with disabilities.

Attach PDF file of sponsorship guildlines which are in the attached documents