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Our Mission:
Improve the lives of disadvantaged children, children with disabilities and orphans in developing countries. We raise funds through donations and grants. With the funds raised we will provide financial support to qualifying non-profit organizations in the project countries as well as initiate new projects with these organizations. We will raise awareness of conditions for these children by documenting and publicizing our project work. TRIFC believes in the value of sharing our resources with those less fortunate.










We had two sponsor parties
after our return from Nepal to share video with TRIFC sponsors of the
children getting letters and photos from them! One party was at Rob &
Gina’s house and the other at Sandy Clark and Chris Shaw’s home in
Woodinville. It was so much fun getting together and seeing the
expressions of our sponsors as they watched the video segments. Here’s a
note from one of our sponsors: “Rob – Many thanks again for opening up
your home to share the story of Nepal and it’s people. Barbara and I
were both so excited to actually see our sponsored child, Pooja. It’s
one thing to have a photo and send a letter and it is quite another to
see and hear the letter being read and Pooja ‘s reaction. Barbara and I
were so moved to see the excitement in all the children’s eyes. You are
truly bringing hope to these disadvantaged children and we are so happy
to be a small part of that connection. Meeting the other sponsors and
the warmth shared that night was very special! Thanks again to you and
Gina!” -Charlie and Barbara Gardner



in Silence
Captivated eyes watch fingers deftly moving, dancing, running and
jumping to describe in Nepali sign language what I’m reading in English
to our sponsored students at the Kathmandu School for the Deaf in Nepal.
This was a very special moment for my wife Gina and myself, as well as
all of the visitors in the room as I read the first letters from our
TRIFC sponsors to their children which were then skillfully translated
into Nepali sign language by the school’s director, Indira Shrestha. We
currently have 15 children sponsored at the school aged 6-15 and for the
remarkable sum of $150 we are able to pay for the tuition and books for
one child! But really, the monetary element pales in comparison to that
moment when a child sees the photograph of their sponsoring family and
watches intently for the words from their letter to come to life through
the movements of Indira’s hands and fingers. Through no fault of their
own these children are cast into a world filled with silence and
overwhelming poverty. However, we have the ability to bring help, hope
and smiles to these children in need.


Attends School!

Many of you know the
background of this poor child – orphaned, deaf, found living out of a
garbage heap and nicknamed,“Lovely”. He is now living with other deaf
children, learning Nepali Sign Language and attending school at the
Kathmandu School for the Deaf, thanks to school-director, Indira
Shrestha who helped us get him admitted. Rob & Gina Rose are very proud
to sponsor him for his dormitory expenses, school fees and other living



Sandy Clark – TRIFC’s New Fund Development Director

Sandy Clark is our new
volunteer “Fund Development Director” at TRIFC! We are very fortunate to
have such a talented individual guiding our organization in this crucial
area. Sandy’s works full-time in a similar capacity at the wonderful
non-profit : Hopelink – Hopelink helps needy
children and families throughout the Eastside and North King County.
Sandy is married to Chris and they have one daughter, Megan who studies
at Western Washington University. Sandy and Chris took a year off last
year and traveled the world for eleven months!

If you have a fundraising
idea please email her at

Sandy Clark on tour!

Please Consider Referring TRIFC to Friends
The best way to promote and
grow any organization is by word-of-mouth. We have a goal of doubling
our mailing/email list this year. Will you help us by letting friends
and relatives know about TRIFC and what our missions is? We have
included a response form where you can enter friends/family addresses so
we can share our stories with them as well! As always, our website is
live at: Please visit our site and forward it to your
friends and relatives who might be interested in finding out more about
Nepal and our projects there. Donations are also enabled on the site
through a PayPal link where all credit cards are accepted. It is not
necessary to have a PayPal account to utilize this service.


Beneficiary Update…

*Nandumaya Orphan Home
School sponsorship is ongoing for ten children. The Pen-Pal project with
Eastgate Elementary was successful again with help from the Rotaract
Club of Dillibazar. With donor assistance, we are going to install
playground equipment for the children and other support in the area of
clothing, school supplies and other basic expenses.

*Kathmandu School for the Deaf
School sponsorship for fifteen children is ongoing. Rotary Matching
grant for 426 hearing aids to be delivered and fitted by representatives
of the Starkey Hearing Foundation with financial support from TRIFC
should be implemented Fall of 2007. We are also supplying support for
tutoring assistance for the boys living in the dormitory and award
incentives for children who are doing well in their studies.

*Newlife Disabled Center (DNC)
Our Pen-Pal project continued this school year with help from the Rotary
Club of Kopundol. We are providing financial assistance for a physical
therapist to visit the children on a daily basis. With the help of a
generous donor, we were able again to contribute to the higher education
fund established last year. The fund allows for college opportunities
for those children who qualify for further schooling and vocational
training for those who do not. Sunita & Suramaya are awaiting their
school test results and will be attending college if they qualify. We
are also contributing funds to a family re-connection program to allow
children to stay in contact with their family, who may live far away and
be too poor to travel to Kathmandu to see their child. Our surgery fund
is still in place and is providing the funding for orthopedic surgeries
as needed.

*Durbar School- Kathmandu
Durbar School is the oldest public school in Nepal and while it was once
the school that the elite ruling-class sent their children to, it is now
in disrepair and is where many of the children who work as domestic
servants attend school. This year at the school we are funding
textbooks, computer class equipment (replacement mice & keyboards),
computer printers, supplies for the science lab, scholarships for needy
students and most importantlybathroom repairs. On our last visit, Gina
noticed the bathrooms were in very bad condition, so we will be
addressing this important issue.

The Rose International Fund for Children’s (TRIFC)
goal is to improve the lives of children with disabilities, orphans and
others who have been neglected in developing countries. We raise funds
through the sale of scenic photographs, donations, and grants. With the
funds raised we provide support to existing non-profit organizations in
the project countries. We raise awareness of the living conditions for
these children by documenting and publicizing our project work. TRIFC
believes in the value of sharing resources with those less fortunate. We
provide support in the areas of education, medical needs, nutrition,
facilities, and environment improvements.


‘Giving Hope to Nepal’s Disabled &
Disadvantaged Children’

Contact Information

PMB 421 14150 NE 20th St – F1
Bellevue, WA 98005








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