Newsletter November 2006










Our Mission:
Improve the lives of disadvantaged children, children with disabilities and orphans in developing countries. We raise funds through donations and grants. With the funds raised we will provide financial support to qualifying non-profit organizations in the project countries as well as initiate new projects with these organizations. We will raise awareness of conditions for these children by documenting and publicizing our project work. TRIFC believes in the value of sharing our resources with those less fortunate.


TRIFC Now A Registered
501(c)(3) Non-Profit!
As of June 21st,
The Rose International Fund for Children has achieved non-profit status
with the federal government and as such is tax exempt and donors can
deduct donations from their taxes!

Special thanks go out to
Jim McCutcheon, Attorney and Ross McIvor, CPA for their diligence and
efforts in preparing the paperwork for our 501(c)(3) application. We received our approval
from the IRS about two weeks after submitting it, in good part due to
Jim McCutcheon’s superb legal skills and prudent advice!  If you are
interested in making a tax-deductible donation to TRIFC to supplement
your non-profit giving for the year, we would be truly grateful.

TRIFC Website
Up & Running!
Our website
is now live at:
. Please visit our site and
forward it to your friends and relatives who might be interested in
finding out more about Nepal and our projects there. Thanks to Motivara Corporation (, who so generously donated many hours of
website design and development.


and Anju – Pen Pals & Sponsorship Recipients

Sponsorship Program

TRIFC now has twenty-two
Nepali children sponsored for their school tuition & books!  Ten at the
Nandumaya Orphan home and twelve at the Kathmandu School for the Deaf! 
We wish to thank all of our sponsors for making the dream of a good
education a reality for these children.  If these projects continue to
be successful, we will look to expand our sponsorship opportunities so
if you might be interested in being a sponsor, please let us know. 
Special thanks go out to Bill & Clara Poole, Tina Francisco & Nanette
Camacho for their efforts as local coordinators for this project.

Eastgate Elementary
Pen Pals!


Gift Giving

If you’d like to make a gift donation on behalf of a friend or family
member for the holidays we have several options:
#1) You can make a monetary donation as a gift for someone special and
we can send out a beautiful Nepali note card noting your gift to the
#2) You can purchase sets of Rob’s Nepali Note Cards for friends,
relatives or business clients at $20
per set of 10. These are some of Rob’s best photographs from his trips
to Nepal! You can either pick them up at Brant Photographers, or we can
mail them out to you. Please fill out the enclosed form
and mail it back in the envelope provided.

Pen Pal Project- Year Two!
With the help of Bobbie
Izuo and Eastgate Elementary fourth-grade teacher Alex Rea, we are off
and running on our second year of creating lasting bonds of friendship
between children of very different cultures.  Bridging these cultures
through letters and pictures is a very tangible way to craft a future of
hope for our children and our world as they learn about each other and
find out about the differences and similarities in their lives.  As we
did last year, children from Eastgate will be corresponding with
children at the Newlife Disabled Children’s Center and Nandumaya Orphan


Rabendra & Chandra
Pandey on the waterfront in Kirkland

TRIFC’s Nepali Board Member’s Visit
In September, Rob &
Gina had the honor of hosting TRIFC’s Nepali board members Rabendra &
Chandra Pandey.  They had a wonderful visit that included
sight-seeing in Seattle and up at Snoqualmie Falls, as well as attending
TRIFC’s Annual Board Meeting.  If you ever visit Nepal, RR (Rabendra)
& Chandra would love to meet you, so be sure and let us know!

donate to help us help the children
Donations are
enabled on the website through a secure PayPal link where all credit
cards are accepted. You can visit

We are also registered on

Universal Giving

Special Thanks
Thanks to George Elson from CIS Direct
for donating the cost of printing our newsletters!

Thanks to Mike
Hodgkins for donating the postage costs for the newsletter!


Contact Information

PMB 421 14150 NE 20th St – F1
Bellevue, WA 98005


‘Giving Hope to Nepal’s Disabled &
Disadvantaged Children’


Microsoft Giving Fair
On September
22nd, TRIFC participated in the Microsoft Giving Fair by
hosting a booth and discussing the merits of becoming a volunteer or
donor to our organization.  Rob & Gina Rose and Bobbie Izuo manned
the booth.  This increased awareness about TRIFC and our
beneficiaries.  Also, a good number of people showed interest in
learning more about TRIFC, but you, dear friends are our best
advertising and we appreciate your referrals and recommendations!

Bobbie Izuo at TRIFC booth
during the Microsoft Giving Fair


Upcoming Events for 2007

Rob & Gina
return to Nepal
in early
February, 2007 for project planning and implementation!

Would you
like to visit Nepal
with Rob &
Gina or at a later date?  Let us know if you have an
interest and we can help you plan a spectacular trip with
treks, sightseeing, and visits to our project sites!

Winter/Spring fundraising dinner

featuring the talents of Gina’s famous sister, Tina Fineza-
acclaimed chef at The Flying Tiger restaurant in Vancouver,
B.C. (

Annual photo
at Pogacha restaurant
in April/May of 2007.

Visit our
as we post news about
our projects regularly at:



Beneficiary Update

Nandumaya Orphan Home 
School sponsorship is ongoing for ten children. The Pen pal project will
again be aided by logistical support from the Rotaract Club of

School for the Deaf

School sponsorship for twelve children is ongoing.  Rotary Matching
grant for 426 hear aids to be delivered and fitted by representatives of
the Starkey Hearing Foundation with financial support from TRIFC should
be implemented this coming year.

Newlife Disabled Center


Our pen pal project will continue for this coming school year with help
from the Rotary Club of Kopundol.  We are providing financial
assistance for a physical therapist to visit the children on a daily
basis.  We hope to again contribute to the higher education fund
established last year to allow for college opportunities for those
children who qualify for further schooling and vocational training for
those who do not.


The Rose International Fund for Children’s
goal is to improve the lives of children with disabilities,
orphans and others who have been neglected in developing countries. We
raise funds through the sale of scenic photographs, donations and
grants.  With the funds raised we provide support to existing
non-profit organizations in the project countries.  We raise
awareness of the living conditions for these children by documenting and
publicizing our project work. TRIFC believes in the value of sharing
resources with those less fortunate.  We provide support in the
areas of education, medical needs, nutrition, facilities and environment


Children in Nepal