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Our Mission:
Improve the lives of disadvantaged children, children with disabilities and orphans in developing countries. We raise funds through donations and grants. With the funds raised we will provide financial support to qualifying non-profit organizations in the project countries as well as initiate new projects with these organizations. We will raise awareness of conditions for these children by documenting and publicizing our project work. TRIFC believes in the value of sharing our resources with those less fortunate.










Rob & Gina Return From Nepal!

Progress &

Nepal News
Update – After three weeks of curfews, demonstrations, strikes and
violence, King Gyanendra has finally reinstated Nepali Parliament. He
had seized power in 2002 and dismissed the parliament, but now democracy
is returning to Nepal! The political parties are ecstatic and life is
returning to normal. However, the dark cloud on the horizon is the
Maoists, who have recently declared a three-month ceasefire, but are
impatiently waiting for the political parties to address their issues.
Only if the mainstream political parties are able to include them in the
process is there an opportunity for a lasting peace. This year’s trip
was another magical event for us as we looked to expand & enhance our
impact by creating more long-term goals & projects. Of course, we had
the most fun spending time with the wonderful Nepali kids that are
benefiting from your donations. These children are truly a joy to be
with and give us inspiration and motivation to do more.

Here are this year’s highlights:
At The Disabled Children’s Center – ‘DNC’

  1. Delivered board games made by the
    Eastgate Elementary pen pals to the kids at the Disabled
    Children’s Center. The games were enthusiastically received! The
    kids raised over $800 to support their new friends in Nepal!
  2. TRIFC began discussions with the
    Rotary Club of Kopundol, Nepal Children’s Trust (UK) and DNC to
    start a higher education fund for children at the Disabled
    Children’s Center. In the past, after the kids took their final
    exams, they were sent home with no opportunity for college or
    vocational training. We are looking to change that.
  3. We started a photography class at the
    Disabled Center with four children participating: Sunil, Puste,
    Mansara and Shrijana.
  4. With donated funds we purchased shoes,
    rechargeable lanterns, grab bars to help the kids up the stairs
    and a table tennis game.
  5. Arranged for paid part-time physical
    therapist from Nepal Orthopedic Hospital to assist the children
    on a daily basis.
At Nandumaya Orphan Home

  1. Visited for two
    days, had meals with the kids and joined in their morning yoga
    class! House mom and dad, Sarala & Ramesh are wonderful parents
    to all eighteen children from ages 4-10.
  2. Discussed needs
    and plans with Ramesh & Sarala to coordinate the use of donated
    funds. We are buying rechargeable lanterns for the nightly power
    blackouts, shoes, school uniforms, a replacement milking
    buffalo, a world globe and first-aid kit.
  3. We have
    committed to school sponsorship for ten children at the cost of
    $150 per child, per year. This is an exciting development!
At The School for the

  1. We gave a
    donation to the Patan Rotaract Club to facilitate the creation
    of a website for the School for the Deaf –
    (when it’s up and running). This will allow potential donors
    worldwide to connect with the school.
  2. Provided
    project management in planning the logistics of bringing 426
    hearing aids to the students. Jointly funded by TRIFC, Welfare
    Society for the Hearing Impaired, The Starkey Hearing Foundation
    and Rotary International.

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Special Thanks

  • Alex & Ange Smith and his family foundation
    for their support of the Disabled Children’s Center.

  • Bill & Clara Poole who are sponsoring a child
    from the orphan home for their schooling.

  • Cindy & Tim Reis for sponsoring a child from
    the orphan home for their schooling.

  • George Elson from CIS Direct – For donating
    the cost of printing our newsletters!

  • Marni Hendrickson & Sebastian Storrs for
    scanning and emailing the pen pal letters.

‘Giving Hope to Nepal’s Disabled &
Disadvantaged Children’


Would You Like To Sponsor A Child in Nepal?
This year we
have made a commitment to sponsor school fees for10 children at the
Nandumaya orphanage at a cost of $150 per year, per child. This covers
the cost of their books, tuition and their uniform. So far, two families
have stepped up and agreed to help out- Tim & Cindy Reis & family and
Bill & Clara Poole. Would you like to lend a hand to a child who
desperately needs your help? If you agree to sponsor a child, you will
receive regular updates on the progress of your child, with photos,
letters and drawings. Once you donate, our job is to keep you connected
and involved with your child. This is an opportunity that can open up
the world for a needy child as well as add to the quality of your own

TRIFC Partners With Rotary For A Better Future!

This year,
we are attempting to bring over 400 hearing aids to The
Kathmandu School for the Deaf with the help of a Rotary
International matching grant and matching funds from the
Starkey Hearing Foundation. The Starkey Company is the
world’s largest manufacturer of hearing aids and their
non-profit foundation not only provides matching funds for
projects in developing countries, but sends a team of
professionals to the project country to fit the hearing
aids. Special thanks go to Greta Ratliff who is an
audiologist in Kentucky, Debbie Wright and Frederic Rondeau
from the Starkey Hearing Foundation and the Marin Foundation
who provided the seed money for the Rotary Matching grant.
If approved, this project with bring the gift of hearing to
many of the over 300 children at the school!


Contact Information

PMB 421 14150 NE 20th St – F1
Bellevue, WA 98005




The Rose International Fund for Children’s
goal is to improve the lives of children with disabilities,
orphans and others who have been neglected in developing countries. We
raise funds through the sale of scenic photographs, donations and
grants.  With the funds raised we provide support to existing
non-profit organizations in the project countries.  We raise
awareness of the living conditions for these children by documenting and
publicizing our project work. TRIFC believes in the value of sharing
resources with those less fortunate.  We provide support in the
areas of education, medical needs, nutrition, facilities and environment

Bellevue Pogacha Nepal Photo Show &
Reception May 21st!

On Sunday, May 21st from 12-3pm we’ll be having
our 2nd annual ‘Photography for Good’ Nepal and India photography show
opening at Pogacha Restaurant in Bellevue – 119 106th Ave NE . Please
join us as we celebrate another successful year of giving for the Rose
International Fund for Children!

Complimentary hors d’oeuvre’s and soft drinks will
be served.

Framed prints will be available for purchase as
well as sets of Nepali Notecards.
75% of the proceeds from the sale of prints will go to TRIFC.

If you’ve attended before, please consider coming
again and bringing a friend or two who might be interested in our
organization. We’d like to see all of our donors, friends and family to
share stories from our latest trip!