Our Mission:
Improve the lives of disadvantaged children, children with disabilities and orphans in developing countries. We raise funds through donations and grants. With the funds raised we will provide financial support to qualifying non-profit organizations in the project countries as well as initiate new projects with these organizations. We will raise awareness of conditions for these children by documenting and publicizing our project work. TRIFC believes in the value of sharing our resources with those less fortunate.










Nepal Pen Pal Project begins at Eastgate Elementary and
in Nepal!
Our Pen Pal project had its
first classroom session on Friday, October 21st at Eastgate Elementary
School here in Bellevue with fourth and fifth grade children aged 10 &
11. With rapt attention they watched the video that I put together about
the children from the Disabled Children’s Center and the Nandumaya
Orphan Home who will be exchanging letters with the Bellevue kids. Their
eyes showed their interest, their concern and their caring. The
questions that sprang from them during and after the short presentation
warmed my heart– "How can we help?", "Can we send school supplies to
the kids in Nepal?" " Can we send books, clothes, toys?", "Can we raise
funds to help?", "Can I have the address of my pen pal so I can send him
more letters that I’ll write from home?".

The kids proceeded to write
their first letter to their new friends in Nepal. They began by learning
their first Nepali word, "Namaste", the traditional greeting. I wrote
the word in Nepali script on the board and they each copied, as best
they could, the Nepali letters on their paper right after, "Dear Pen-Pal
Friend…". I also showed them how to bring their hands together below
their chin in the respectful and reverent manner when saying “Namaste”.
The children were extremely fascinated to learn these new concepts.

Truly, this is going to
be a special experience for everyone involved. Special thanks to
volunteers Bobbie Izuo, Tsering Lama, his mother Kanchi Lama and Gina
Rose, who helped the kids with their letters.


Nepal & India Notecards for Sale!

The pen pal kids from Eastgate Elementary wanted
to have a way to raise funds for their pen friends in Nepal, and as some
of you know, Rob has been printing up a limited quantity of cards for
sale. However, in response to numerous requests, we’ll be printing up
1,200 sets of ten cards that will sell for $20 per set. All proceeds
will go to assist the children in Nepal. These sets will include ten
different photographs- some of Rob’s best images. Envelopes are included
and they are nicely packaged for holiday gift giving.

This is a gift that can give opportunity to
children that dearly need it. If you would like to order one set (or
more!), send in your order in the envelope provided or email Rob at

Here are a few sample images to give you an
idea of how they look!

To give you an idea of how far the moneys
raised will go, $25 pays for one months school fees for a child, and
$200 will pay for orthopedic surgery for a disabled child.


Nepal Photos &
Wine Tasting A Hit!
Friends who
had missed the first photo exhibit at Pogacha Restaurant in Bellevue
gathered with local patrons of World Cup Espresso & Wine in the
U-District in July to learn more about The Rose Fund. The event brought
in $600, but more importantly it generated excitement and enthusiasm
towards our mission of helping the disabled and disadvantaged children
in Nepal. Thanks to Ron & Naomi Salud for hosting the display and
inviting us to make this an annual event. We tried some wonderful wines
and tasty appetizers. Altogether it was a fun afternoon with old & new

Special Thanks

  • Jim McCutcheon- TRIFC is now a Washington
    State recognized non-profit organization thanks
    to Jim’s help! Federal 501(c)3 is next!

  • Motivara for their collective talents in
    designing our upcoming website!

  • Pam Tolle, for providing the contact info for
    TRIFC to receive it’s first grant- $2,500 from the
    Marin Fund, which will be put toward good
    works in Nepal this year.

  • Mike Hodgkins – For donating the cost of printing
    our newsletters!

  • Alex Rea and Jennifer Rosenthal – Eastgate
    Elementary School Teachers for help with the
    Pen-Pal Project

  • Volunteers: Tsering Lama & his Mom, Amit
    Shrestha, Gina Rose & Bobbie Izuo.


The Rose International Fund for Children’s
goal is to improve the lives of children with disabilities,
orphans and others who have been neglected in developing countries. We
raise funds through the sale of scenic photographs, donations and
grants.  With the funds raised we provide support to existing
non-profit organizations in the project countries.  We raise
awareness of the living conditions for these children by documenting and
publicizing our project work. TRIFC believes in the value of sharing
resources with those less fortunate.  We provide support in the
areas of education, medical needs, nutrition, facilities and environment


We help support programs at the Newlife Disabled Center in
Kathmandu, Nepal.

Here is the background of one
of the children there:


Admitted to DNC 2004 Umesh was abandoned and found in the
streets of a village 25km away from Kathmandu. He was placed
in an orphanage but because of his disability was referred
to DNC. It has not been possible to trace his parents. Burns
to his right foot resulted in amputation of the front part
of the foot and his mobility is good with a specially made
shoe. He has now started school in a private kindergarten.


Contact Information

PMB 421 14150 NE 20th St – F1
Bellevue, WA 98005




Welcome, New Board Member, Bobbie Izuo
Bobbie Izuo,
a retired schoolteacher from Bellevue Public Schools has recently joined
the board of directors of the Rose International Fund for Children.
Bobbie’s background in teaching has already proved invaluable working
with the pen-pal kids. Bobbie is a certified Feng Shui consultant who
creates wholesome and abundant opportunities for success and prosperity
with clients in their homes and place of business.

Bobbie is trained in both
traditional Form School and cosmological approaches. She graduated from
the Blue Mountain Feng Shui Institute in Seattle, the leading
traditional Form School of Feng Shui, and apprenticed with the school’s
founder internationally renowned feng shui master, Dr. Shantung Hsu.
Bobbie can be contacted at:


‘Giving Hope to Nepal’s Disabled &
Disadvantaged Children’


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