Ms. Jackie Garces

Jackie is an Informatics Pharmacist for UW Medicine. Early in her career she worked as a pharmacist for Native American communities through the U.S. Public Health Service. This experience shaped her path in both her career and in her personal life. Jackie also likes to volunteer her time to causes which benefit women and children. She has served as a tutor for the Seattle Public Schools, and more recently, served on the board of the Bo M. Karlsson Foundation, an organization that provides scholarships to young women in Nepal.

Jackie first visited Nepal on a trekking trip in 2001 with her husband and a group of friends. She fell in love with the people and the culture, and vowed to return one day to ‘give back’ by doing volunteer work. She returned in 2006 and volunteered at a disabled children’s care home in Kathmandu. Since that visit, she and her friends have been personally raising funds to cover the costs of orthopedic equipment, surgeries, and basic health care for the children of this home. It was through this work that she became acquainted with Rob and TRIFC in 2010 and knew she had found kindred spirits in both Rob and Gina, and an organization whose mission reflected her own.

Originally from Waipahu, Hawaii, Jackie now resides in Seattle, Washington, with her husband Douglas and their two cats, Bella and Ziggy. She and Doug love spending their time outdoors together.