Kathmandu School for the Deaf, Kathmandu, Nepal

TRIFC has a long history of projects at this school through donated funds and Rotary, International matching grants. This school has over 300 deaf & hearing-impaired students from ages 5-17. Previous projects include building a library and recreation hall, a computer lab, boy’s dormitory upgrades and vocational cooking/training support. We also funded Nepali sign-language training for college-age students and young professionals. We are currently providing scholarships to 15 children at the school through our sponsorship program. $175 per year funds their school-fees, books and uniforms. TRIFC is also partnering with Rotary to bring hearing-aids to all of the students at the school who could benefit as well as another 700 hearing-impaired children throughout the Kathmandu area.

In the area of education TRIFC provides:

  • Yearly school sponsorships for 15 children
  • Hostel sponsorship for 7 children
  • Computers
  • Library/Recreation Hall was built in 2004 with TRIFC funding