Janajyoti School, Rimwa, Gulmi District, Nepal

13 Blind/Visually-Impaired Students study at this school in a rural area of Nepal. There are many basic needs that are not being met for the BVI students and it is wonderful that we are able to provide them via TRIFC!

In the area of education, TRIFC provides:

  • Braille Paper
  • Coats
  • Blankets
  • Kitchen Equipment
  • Cooking stoves
  • Backpacks for the Blind/Visually-Impaired
  • Chess sets

Just seeing the word “Rimwa” in the headline should remind TRIFC.org’s Rob Rose of a scary but unforgettable road trip he made to this area last year! If you are a close friend of Robs, or The Rose International Fund for Children (TRIFC.org) you might have had an opportunity to see the video of that unbelievably awful road to Rimwa! TRIFC.org has been supporting the students with blindness at the Shree Janajyoti School of Rimwa in western Nepal for the past two years. Rob and Carey Rose had planned to visit this school for children with blindness on their recent visit to Nepal but were unable to make the trip to Rimwa due to the long and continuous political strikes. After that, my own trip to the school had to be cancelled four times, due to the political turmoil in my country. Finally, we succeeded visiting Shree Janajyoti High School of Rimwa and handed-over educational materials, kitchen supplies & stoves, clothes, and assistive devices as per need to support these students with blindness.

Every road-trip to this school has been a challenge for us and this time was no different. On this trip there was a bulldozer that blocked our way and scared me again! We had to wait for almost two hours to get past that bulldozer and considered ourselves fortunate to get through! Added to this was the fact that it was the rainy season in Nepal. You never know what to expect in the rainy season and exceptionally bad dirt roads like this one can turn to incredibly slick, slippery mud in minutes. My Uncle, Jhabindra Gyawali and my mother, Chunakumari Gyawali had helped us bring all of the donated items from Kathmandu to Taksar. From Taksar there is only one four-wheeler jeep that can make it all through to Rimwa- our final destination. Sometimes even this vehicle cannot make it through due to slippery roads, mechanical problems or any number of other reasons. So keeping these circumstances in mind we also brought along five additional volunteers from Taksar, who could help to carry the heavy Braille papers and other materials just in case we couldn’t make it through by jeep!

The time that I was able to spend with all the students with blindness at the school was very stimulating. I was able to share so much useful information with them. They have so little, they expect so little and are so appreciative for what we brought them. In case you don’t know, I am also a woman with blindness and it was very satisfying to see all those hardworking, energetic, enthusiastic, future pillars of Nepali society. They are inspired by my own life-story…it gives them hope and that in turn inspires me to continue my efforts. I would like to thank all of you who have put forth your best efforts to make a difference in the lives of all these visually-challenged students in this remote part of Nepal.