Bahira Mhahila Udyamshil Samuha or, Deaf Womens Empowerment Group, Kavre-Banepa, Nepal

TRIFC Board member Rose Stevens designed and implemented this pilot program this last spring. 15 deaf women received two-weeks of skills-training, learning greeting card embroidery. Each of these women were so proud upon receiving their graduation certificate at a grand ceremony.

There are few employment opportunities for deaf women in Nepal and many of them feel isolated and depressed. Thorough our empowerment program we hope to give them an opportunity to get together as a social group, earn some money as well as learn new life-skills! As the program proceeds we are planning to give further sign-language training, money management information, nutritional cooking information and other life-skills.

To date over 400 greeting cards have been produced and sold to pay the women and purchase the supplies needed to produce the cards.