Board of Directors


Robert Rose
Executive Director, President

Rob has been the owner of Brant Photographers, in downtown Bellevue, Washington since 1985.The studio specializes in Fine Portraiture… Read More…

Rabendra Pandey
Director, Vice President

Rabendra has been the Executive Chairman of Everest Express Tours & Travels in Kathmandu, Nepal since 1997. Additionally, he is The Director of… Read More…

Chandra Pandey
Director, Vice President

Chandra Pandey is currently Managing Director of Everest Express Tours and Travels in Kathmandu, Nepal working with husband Rabendra. Read More…

Gina Rose
Director, Secretary

Gina is currently the Database
Marketing Manager at Comcast Cable Communications, Washington. She is originally from Manila, Philippines, where she earned a BS in Marketing Management. Read More…


Bobbie Izuo

Born in Honolulu, Bobbie graduated from CWSU with a degree in Edcuation (Psychology, Geography). She taught elementary school for 25 years, mainly in the Seattle and Bellevue School…   Read More…

Carey Rose

Carey is a photographer for Puget
Sound Energy. He began his travels to Nepal at the age of 9, accompanying Rob during a volunteer trip. He has since been to Nepal several times, most recently as a photographer and blogger for TRIFC. Read More…

Jackie Garces

Jackie is an Informatics Pharmacist for U.W. Medicine. Early in her career, she worked as a pharmacist for Native American communities through the U.S. Public Health Service. This experience…    Read More…

Rosemary Stevens

Rose is the Program Coordinator for TRIFC. She developed and implemented TRIFC’s first handicraft program for deaf women. Rose created the marketing strategy and developed the retail markets. Read More…

Organization Volunteer Staff

Sriratna Joysula

Grant Development

Shruti Upadhyaya

Grant Development

John Chouinard

Sponsorship Coordinator

Cindy Holm

Blind/Visually-Impaired Programs

Gail Ryder

Legal Counsel

Ross McIvor


Indira Shrestha

Hearing Impaired Programs


Website Support

Pawan Krishna Shrestha


Operations Volunteers

Jamuna Subedi

In-Country Nepal Project Coordinator

Sita Gyawali

In-Country Nepal Project Coordinator