The Need:

There is a lack of extra-curricular activities for students with disabilities. Chess is a not only a fun and challenging game to play, it also helps improve math and strategy skills.

The Project:

We have introduced chess for Blind/Visually-Impaired (BVI) and Deaf/Hearing-Impaired students. TRIFC is funding specially chess sets that have been designed for use by people with blindness (and can easily be used by students with deafness/hearing-impairment). The white and black pieces are easily identified and each there are holes in each square where ‘pegged’ pieces can be placed. Black squares are raised. We have also arranged for inter-disability interactions between students with deafness and students with blindness. This has opened up understanding and dialogue between students with these very differing disabilities. In addition we provide chess curriculum and coordinate local volunteers to help students learn how to play the game.

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