Rajeev Poudel is a DNC (Disabled New Life Centre) student who passed his 10th Grade exam last year and is now living with his family and and doing his college studies in the beautiful city of Pokhara, Nepal.  On this visit Rajiv reminded me that he had surgery and physiotherapy at DNC that was funded by donations to TRIFC.   Rajeev is forever grateful for that and while we were visiting, he told me that prior to his surgery and physical therapy he used to crawl from place to place but now he can stand on his own two feet…what could be more satisfying than to hear those words from him.
Well, we had a nice visit with Rajeev’s family and saw where he lived.  It was a nice quiet village area, with melodious ‘cow-mooing’ and ‘rooster-crowing’.  Rajeev’s family home was very simple, clean and nice.  We sat in his very sparsely furnished bedroom and chatted.  One thing he said he really needed was a school desk and chair so he could better study and do his homework.
After some staff discussion with my crew we decided that we’d try to provide that immediately, if possible.  After a family photo, we all piled into our car and headed out to go boating on Lake Fewa at Lakeside in Pokhara, then we had lunch. This was a special outing for Rajeev…he’d been boating two other times in his life and the previous time was many years prior when he was a little boy!  Everyone had a blast on the boat.  Seema, Sita and Namrata, our three blind/visually-impaired (BVI) guests all had their feet in the water and were splashing about!  We visited the historic Hindu temple in the middle of the lake, then headed back.  After a tasty lunch at the “New Era” restaurant, we dropped off most of our guests and went out desk-hunting!  We had to look in a few shops before coming upon the right sized desk and chair.  We even had Rajeev try it out before we bought it.  Then, we did home deliver to Rajiv’s village, where friends and relatives carried it off to his home!
Special thanks to driver/ground-pilot- Sunil.  Also thanks go to Balram, Arun and Surya who all helped make this happen!
Reporting from Pokhara, Nepal – Rob Rose
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