Rakesh Gwachha

Rakesh is an engaging young man of 25 who has ‘brittle-bone’ disease. There is no cure for this and it make life very difficult for Rakesh. He was living in a dark 3rd floor room in his father’s home in Bhaktapur. His father is an alcoholic and Rakesh spent most of his life looking out the window at the lane below, unable to get down the stairs and with no one to push his wheelchair. He now has a much better life living at the National Disabled Center where he is able to attend school and take English classes. TRIFC co-sponsors Rakesh with another US-based non-profit- ANSWER, Nepal.

Basanta Thapaliya

Basanta is a 14 year old orphan who was recommended to us by another friend. He was attending school without proper clothes or school supplies and would hide under his desk, embarrassed. We have been sponsoring him for the past 4 years and he doing well and attending Suriodaya School in Kathmandu.

Bindu Neupane

Bindu is attending college with sponsorship through TRIFC. Bindu is low-vision and attended the blind program at Janajyoti School in Rimwa. Her mother works in the fields and her father has mental illness. Her brother has developmental disability. We are very proud of Bindu and she is doing well in her studies.

Indra Tamang

Another blind college student with the will, drive and talent to attend school but without the necessary funding to make it happen. TRIFC is providing some basic expense money for his room/board and school supplies.