a. Disabled Newlife Centre Trip To Chitwan Nat’l Park

In 2010 we were able to raise enough extra funds to take all 28 kids from DNC (Disabled Newlife Center) in Kathmandu to Chitwan National Park. This is the ‘jewel’ of Nepal’s parks and we wanted the children to get to visit the jungle and experience what they had only read about in their schoolbooks. It finally came together at the very end of this year’s stay in Nepal. We were able to take 27 of them to the park. One of the children- Bikash Dahal went home for a family event, but we had all of the rest of them to enjoy, encourage and take inspiration from for our three-day adventure into the jungle! Also along was a beautiful young woman who had been living at DNC, but is now in college via TRIFC.org sponsorship- Ms. Sunita Dangi. Sunita is a double-leg amputee, but you’d never guess it if you didn’t know…

If you look at the photo albums, I will try to introduce each and every one of them to you. They are all so special to us and their personalities are worth giving insight into.

We were very fortunate to have the logistical assistance from Rotarian and TRIFC.org board member- Mr. RR Pandey (RR). RR provided two tour busses for our trip to and from the park and helped with logistics going and coming. But what really helped ‘make’ the trip happen was another good friend from the Patan Rotary Club- Mr. Santa Kumar Shrestha, who happens to own a lodge in the park- Jungle Island Resort, one of only seven lodges allowed to operate within park boundaries. He helped make all of the arrangements, gave us a very special rate on the rooms and jungle experience, and had the guides ready to help us help all of these kids have a great trip, no matter what their physical limitations were! Thank you, Santa Kumar for your kindness in helping us make this dream-trip come true.

b. Disabled Newlife Trip to Manakamana Temple

In 2009 we bundled all 28 children from DNC into a big bus and took them to Manakamana Temple which is located between Kathmandu and Pokhara. To get to the temple you take a cable-car ride far up the hillside. The temple is known as the ‘wish-fulfilling’ temple and is both a historic and religious pilgrimage site. All of the kids had a wonderful day, finishing off the trip with a visit to the ice-cream shop!