We were devastated by the news of the massive earthquake in Nepal.

While communication has been extremely limited, we have heard from many of our program kids, Nepali staff/volunteers and loved ones in Nepal that they are safe. However, we are still awaiting news from a few. We will continue to share with you what we know and how you can help via our TRIFC Facebook page.

As the immediate need is basic food, water and shelter, we urge you to donate to the Disaster Relief Agencies already on the ground and assisting the victims. 

Please consider a donation via:

The concern of TRIFC is the immediate safety and welfare of our beneficiaries.  We will assess their situational needs after their lives return to some form of normalcy in the coming weeks and months. Our empowerment projects, medical, nutritional and educational needs will remain top priorities. We request your continued support for our efforts.

Our hearts, thoughts and prayers go out to the Nepali people, who have been displaced and devastated by the earthquake.


Rob Rose
President, TRIFC