Well, plenty if you are blind/visually-impaired and your only knowledge of lettering is via the Braille, dotted alphabet! Being able to sign your initials on documents is an important life-skill to learn. The only alternative to this is using an inked ‘thumbprint’. Our blind/visually-impaired (BVI) students thoroughly enjoyed learning about the shapes of their first and last name initials.

They practiced signing their initials using a special ‘signing card’ which you can see being handmade by our industrious Rotaract volunteers in the photographs. The ‘signing card’ provides a well-defined area to sign in and also gives the ability for someone to place the signature in the proper place on any document.

Our low-vision students had a much easier time with this exercise as you can see from the sample signatures. But for our students with total blindness this was a new, useful concept and one that they had fun practicing!