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One of the most important (and scariest) parts of our Blind/Visually-Impaired skill’s training segments was on vegetable peeling, cutting and chopping. Anytime you try to orient a kid to hold a sharp object with a sharp point, you need to take extra care…which we did, of course! We had a one-to-one volunteer to student ratio for this training, which occurred over a two-day period.

For day-one, we used table-knives with a serrated edge, so you could cut vegetables but not seriously cut yourself. Then, on the second day, we graduated some of the students to sharper kitchen knives. The younger students stayed with the table knives, or were closely guided by the Rotaract volunteers.

In our feedback session at the end of the program, many students listed this learning experience as a very important achievement in their lives!

P.S. The pumpkin they chopped during the training ended up in the evening’s dinner, so it was extra-mitho (Nepali for ‘tasty’). Also, there wasn’t a single cut or injury during our two cutting sessions!