Daily-Living Skills = Independence for Blind/Visually-Impaired Students

TRIFC & ADSoN are piloting a very innovative concept to create a holistic approach to improving the lives of Blind/Visually-Impaired students (BVI) in Nepal. Part of that program is to provide daily-living skills for the BVI students. What does that mean? ‘Daily-Living Skills’ translates into independence! Without these basic skills, it would be impossible for the students to live on their own after their schooling had ended.

We are working with a group of 17 BVI students from Sanjiwani School in Dhulikhel and Laboratory School in Kathmandu on a 6-day program. We are also so fortunate to have 9 volunteers from the Rotaract Club of Dhulikhel to help us with coordination and implementation of the project.

Our goal is to set up this program at Sanjiwani School, then ‘scale-up’ and replicate this project at other schools where the BVI study and live in dormitories for much of the school year.

We are conducting our programs at DNC (Disabled Newlife Centre) in Kathmandu who have been kind to donate their facility for this project. The DNC staff and kids have been wonderful! Plus, the DNC building is one of the only truly accessible buildings in Nepal for People with Disabilities.

We are seeing AMAZING results so far! Please check in to our website and Facebook page and read along…