Bikash Dahal was born with cerebral palsy. A debilitating condition marked by impaired muscle coordination and/or other disabilities, typically caused by damage to the brain before or at birth. It severely limited Bikash’ mobility and his speech, however beneath the disability was a loving, bright and quite talkative kid!

Here’s a bit of history about Bikash:
Bikash’s parents came from the far west of Nepal. When Bikash’s grandfather died, there was not enough land for all the sons so Bikash’s father took a small compensation and moved with his wife, Bikash and daughter to the Terai region of Nepal where land was cheaper. They built a small house but it was so far from any amenities, that they could not manage Bikash and, reluctantly, they found him a place at Disabled Newlife Centre (DNC) in Kathmandu in 2006. Bikash was so upset to leave his parents that he cried for a week! He stayed in close contact and always went home for the holidays and has a very loving and caring relationship with his family.

I met Bikash at DNC and was instantly taken with him. He is definitely a ‘people-person’ and he always enjoyed chatting and sitting with any visitor. He kept a close watch of all goings-on at DNC, so if you wanted to know the ‘scoop’ about anything at DNC you could just ask Bikash!

Well, eventually, Bikash finished his schooling. It was necessary to take a hard look at the realistic possibilities of a productive future for him. Michael and Fran McGowan from Nepali Children’s Trust (NCT) in the UK felt that considering the very loving relationship with his family, it might be possible to get him started in his own small business in his village, with the help of his parents. And that’s just what they did! You can see the result in Bikash’s smile. He’s proud of what he’s accomplished and we are proud of him!

TRIFC/ADSoN provides medical support for DNC, tutoring, physical-therapy and nutritional support. We work in partnership with NCT to coordinate our support efforts at DNC. Thank you Michael, for your loving care in helping Bikash find a productive life outside of DNC (and also for help with this story!).