Congratulations to the Purwanchal School for the Deaf Cricket team, who just won the countrywide competition with other schools for the deaf/hearing-impaired. This is a major achievement that required practice, dedication and great team coaching. Thanks to Bhanu (school teacher and coach) and Mahendra (student-coach) for guiding the group to victory!

They are all so proud (can you tell by the photo?) and we are so proud of them!

Hmmm….do you wonder how they would do in competition with non-hearing-impaired schools? I believe they would do very well and could compete on an equal level but that has NEVER been done in Nepal. I made this very suggestion to principal Renuka and to the team and they have agreed to it. Can you imagine what kind of impact it would to give people here the awareness of what the deaf/hearing-impaired are capable of?

Fighting discrimination, fighting ignorance is a noble cause. If we are able to create awareness through interaction, be it sports or another activity, it will be beneficial to everyone!