There are many wonderful organizations and people doing meaningful work in Nepal. I firmly believe that just because this is the TRIFC Facebook page it doesn’t mean we can’t highlight some of them as well! I met just such a person and organization the other day.

The organization is named Shanti Leprahilfe and they provide loving care, regular medical treatments and vocational training for people with leprosy. I met its founder – Marianne Grosspietsch and had an informative and thorough tour by volunteer, Shruti! Marianne has been working to help people with leprosy and also orphans for many years. Her inner light burns very brightly. She seemingly has boundless energy evident in the way that she so purposely moves around her compound of buildings, seemingly everywhere at once.

The residents were so open, well-adjusted and friendly! They were eager to meet me and share their lives and how they spent their days in a productive way.

I saw many interesting, innovative and beautiful handicrafts and household items, all created by the residents. What a wonderful model for us and other organizations. Dr. Anil Shrestha from the Nepal Orthopedic Hospital suggested that I visit Shanti Leprahilfe and I would like to thank him for that introduction!