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This afternoon we had a exclusive showing of the documentary movie, ‘Blindsight’ which profiles how Sabriye Tenberken forever changed the lives of kids with blindness in Lhasa, Tibet with the help of USA blind mountain climber- Eric Weihenmayer. The movie has drama and side-stories that both inspire and empower you as well as touch your heart.

We were expecting 85 Blind/Visually-Impaired people at our showing and ended up with 125 attendees and about 15 more volunteers! There was truly a ‘buzz’ around the room as our guests were treated to an outstanding musical performance by Mitra Lal Adhikari and sister Namrata along with Subodh on the harmonium. Then, the movie started. Mr. RR Pandey did the audio-narration and translation in Nepali to enhance the experience for our guests. Many people came up to RR after the show and complimented him on his performance!

Later, Bindu Neupane did a beautiful dance in the courtyard! What a lovely afternoon!

Check out the YouTube Trailer for Blindsight at: