We finally met up with Olivia today! While we were at DHC, one of the residences, our guide Mitra went to pick her up and bring her over. The first picture is Olivia with Sunita!

Then she made her last visit to DNC the residence she volunteered at before her trek and we all had dinner of momos and chow mein!
Here we all are with various kids and the big surprise is that Renuka, the principal of the Deaf School at Pruwanchal was in town as well. See second picture, lady in blue beside Olivia.

Then here I am so happy were all together again after an entire year!

We spent the afternoon visiting and playing and had to say goodbye!

We are leaving for Pokhara tomorrow and Olivia is all set to meet up with friends and will have transport to the airport on Monday….

We’ll all meet up when we get back ok?

Love and hugs,