Yesterday we entertained about 28 students with blindness (BVI) and other disabilities at the Tamas Laya Restaurant here in Kathmandu, Nepal. Sponsor coordinator, John Chouinard and TRIFC Board of Director- Rose Stevens interviewed each of them for their sponsors (or future sponsors) and there were inspiration speeches (not too long!) by myself, Nirmala, BVI Subodh and DNC’s Bishma (studying in film school, just had two scripts accepted into the S. Asian Film Festival!). Nirmala Gyawali will be our executive director here in Nepal. Though she is a woman with blindness she has terrific insight and drive to change the lives of people with disabilities. We are so fortunate to have her here as the in-country director of our soon-to-be registered partner organization – The Nepal Ability Development Foundation, or NADF.

The new organization has a stellar board of directors including several CEO’s and 4 past Rotary Club Presidents! More than that, they are all passionate about our organizational mission and ability to make an impact in the lives of Nepali people with disabilities.

Board member, RR had suggested this venue for our lunch and soon after the program, the restaurant owner came up to Nirmala and introduced himself….it turns out they were classmates up to the 8th grade! His name is Prem and he is very interested in helping out our new Nepali organization in any way possible!!!

Things are going very well…

Rob Rose