Our TRIFC Volunteer Trekking Group

Our 2013 TRIFC trekking group had two half-days of sightseeing and two half-days of volunteer projects. After a morning trip to the historic city of Bhaktapur, we visited the Kavre-Banepa School for the Deaf.  Principal Krishna gave our volunteers a comprehensive tour of the school, visiting all of the classrooms and introducing the kids.

Rose Stevens With Her Embroidery Team

The students were very excited to have us there and all remembered our donation of a table tennis (ping pong) table last year.  In previous years TRIFC has donated computers, kitchen equipment, balls, games and educational supplies.

Rose With Team Leaders – Bondana (L) and Rose (R)

After the tour and a tasty boxed lunch our Deaf Women’s Empowerment Group introduced their greeting card embroidery project to our group of volunteers.  Our volunteer group had learned a bit of Nepali sign language so they each introduced themselves via sign language!

I think everyone bonded quite nicely as you can see in the final photo with our group signing with a heart-sign as they prepared to leave.

Reporting from Kavre-Banepa

-Rob Rose