We all stopped outside the crocodile pen. Sita and Seema, both born with blindness, were eager to hear us describe just what a crocodile looks like. Then, Renuka used sign language to show them.

It made perfect sense as I saw it, Sita and Seema feeling Renuka’s arms as she straightened them in front of her, opened them up like jaws, and snapped them shut. That’s certainly a better description than I could do with words.

The trip to the zoo came by way of request from Rakesh, who has brittle bone disease and hasn’t seen the zoo since he was a young boy. We then looped in Seema and Sita, Renuka and Balram, who both work within the deaf community, a young man named Basantha, and our driver, Harka, who generously helped Rakesh around the zoo in his wheelchair.

More photos to come, it was a great outing for everyone.

I describe some animals to Seema

Harka with Rakesh, Renuka and Sita at the side

Balram, Basantha, Renuka and Sita on the Kathmandu paddle boats

Rakesh and I on our paddle boat