We have a saying, “Every dog has his day” meaning everyone will have a chance at good fortune and success if they wait and are patient.

Well, here in Nepal that day was today, if you are a dog!  Today was the day in the Nepali festival of Tihar where the dogs are worshiped, given special treats and also a red, tika mark on their foreheads for good fortune.  Many are also wearing a beautiful garland of marigolds called a malla!

I found a four-legged friend as we arrived to have momo (Nepali dumpling) lunch with our friend Jamuna along with her husband, brother and cousin.  This decked-out pooch didn’t behave as I had expected….he seemed sleepy at first and I thought he’d just lay there while I photographed him.  However, upon seeing me with my camera he quickly arose and ambled up to me, wanting attention.  He stood on his hind legs and then rested his front paws on my arm.  He was a nice pooch!  He licked my legs a few times, then posed nicely for his portrait on this day, his special day in Nepal!