Our Valentines day was spent with the sponsored students for the Naxal School for the Deaf! they were our first sponsored deaf students for TRIFC. That must have been about 6 years back and they are now almost competing their schooling. The eldest is in Grade 9!

The challenge here began when the Maoists joined the government about 3 years ago and then the management of the school fell into cronies with no compassion for the students academic quality at all. We are hopeful that the new management committee will shore up the level of teaching and provide the children their just education.

Sometimes we are helpless in the process the system needs to go through to improve. It is evolutionary and political battles are not ours to fight. With patience, and resiliency we will not abandon the children. We are with them as well.

God bless Nepal, its government and its people because they are about to embark on a transformational journey with much cost….

Today we are children playing at the park, tomorrow we are leaders continuing the fight for justice!

Gina Rose