Yesterday we spent some time at this center with the Rotaractors from Dhulikel! TRIFC has been supporting this group of students with Food and recently have provided funds for renovating their living spaces plus improving their kitchen and dining areas with new kitchen utensils, propane gas tank and burner.


The students have not been supported by the School Management Committee in the past several years and their conditions were degrading and unhealthy.


We passed around some chocolate treats, toothbrushes and toothpaste and had a nice visit with both the girls and the boys. We have a long list of needs which were shared by the New Management representatives, the Resource teacher and the children themselves. There is hope since these 3 stakeholders have not come together in the past.


The Rotaractors are our main connection the this school and they have made it a point to focus on the welfare of the BVI Students! There is a need for Braille books for English, not to mention that the school has asked the Braille resource teacher to teach regular classes as well. Funds have been supplied for supporting the BVI hostel for Food and sponsorship for the BVI students moving on the +2 classes! The Rotaractors will provide us a report on these needs and any stop gap options that may serve our students!


Gina Rose