It was a coming together of everyone who cared about the organization! Some DNC Board members, donor organizations like Nepal Children’s Trust, The Rose International fund for Children, Kaghendra Foundation and family and friends, alumni students and the entire crew of DNC!


For the children, we’ve come together to discuss challenges and plans for the future! There was forum in the morning, then lunch of momos and chow mein! We visited with the children, handed out presents and discovered an entire load of presents were left at the hotel! I will have to go back before I leave of course!!


These children have had corrective surgeries supported by TRIFC. We provide funds for additional nutrition and an educational fund for higher education. Every child has taken advantage of this and they are all doing well in college! 3 are in University already! How fast time flies. I love these kids as they were the first kids I met in 2004 when we had a program with Rotary and Computers for the World!


Awesome journey that never ends!


Gina Rose