We drove with Indira, the former Principal of the Naxal Shool for the Deaf to visit our Deaf Women’s Co-op at the Kavre Banepa School for the Deaf. It’s an hour long drive out pf Kathmandu valley into the hill region of Kavre Banepa. Here 2 years ago, Rose started an embroidered card making project with some women with deafness and they met once or twice a week at the school to create these cards we sell in various outlets, such as bazaars and during our fundraising dinners and gatherings.

They were so happy to meet Rose again!! They are a joyous group who have bonded these last 2 years and are willing to go the distance after feeling empowered to crate beautiful cards and get compensated for their hard work!

Since then they had undergone tailoring training and are trying to venture out into a shop to sew clothes and uniforms. More planning is needed and more experience but with these energetic and ambitious group, we know they will be successful! Women bonding is the most powerful feeling!