This year is different from any other year! Rob is not visiting at this time. Its Rose Stevens and I holding the fort as we visit our project sites, our sponsored children and students and work with our partners to benefit the children and adults with disability with education, medical and empowerment opportunities!

I feel challenged and excited at the same time! Rob has always taken the lead and this trip will prove that the continuity of our projects can flow from anyone passionately involved with! A lot of preparation has begun and more when we get there to bring the community together to better the lives of our beneficiaries!

It will be a fantastic journey like every year we visit! I always feel like I am going back for the first time and that our friends await us and then as we meet, I feel I have come back home!

Please follow our blog and journey with us – you make this all possible with your contributions and support!

Namaste my friends, until we see each other again!

Take care,

Gina Rose