I am so excited!   Today several sets of very special Braille Books arrived in the mail.  These books have both tactile pictures that can be felt by hand, as well as the regular Braille dot-letters for the Blind/Visually-Impaired (BVI) to read.his was all precipitated by an email I received from Ms. Keshari Thapa, principal of the PGC school for the BVI in Dharan, Nepal. Keshari requested a tactile Braille world atlas book and also one for human anatomy. I had to search and search for an organization that produced this particular type of Braille book.  I couldn’t believe my good fortune when I finally tracked down an organization called the “Princeton Braillists” located in Princeton, NJ. The Princeton Braillists is a small group of senior citizens who produce this type of tactile Braille book at a very reasonable cost. I spoke with Nancy Amrick who is one of the group leaders and she kindly agreed to produce and ship them out asap so that my wife, Gina and TRIFC Board member, Rose could bring them to Nepal in early February.They are fantastic! The detail and construction is superb! nbsp;I’m hoping they will be a great resource for Nepal’s BVI and that we can send over more copies of the books in the near future./divp /divThank you, Senior Citizen Braillists at the Princeton Braillists! nbsp;What a wonderful service you are doing to help educate and enlighten children with blindness around the world!!! -Rob Rose