Namaste! It’s been a few days since the last update (no access to internet) but I’m very happy to share with everyone that we all successfully made it to ABC! Here’s a pic of our group at ABC with Annapurna I (8091m) behind us. It was an incredible physical, mental and spiritual 10-day journey. We made friends along the way and got to share this amazing experience with some really fantastic people. Yes we are tired and sore, but I’m pretty sure the smiles and memories will be carried with us for quite some time.

We are now back in Kathmandu and have done some celebrating of our accomplishment! We had some great laughs and stories about the sweat, dirt, struggles, triumphs and of course the toilets! 🙂 But as the adventure comes to an end there is also sadness. Today we said goodbye to our trekking guide and new friend, Gesh. It was a tear-filled departure but I think all of us will definitely stay in touch with him. I know I’m already talking to him about next time! Perhaps the entire 17+ day Annapurna circuit!

Tomorrow we will visit more of the projects TRIFC is supporting – The Deaf Women’s Empowerment Group, and DNC – Disabled New Life Center. We’re looking forward to meeting and interacting with both the women and the kids. I have no doubt we will all leave with smiles on our faces and a deeper compassion and understanding of the obstacles they face and just how amazing the human spirit can be if given the opportunity to thrive.

Namaste and love to all!
Stephanie, Beth, Harumi, Trish & Lee


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