Thanks to donations from our TRIFC supporters, friends and family, we are able to continue funding surgeries for the children at DNC – Disabled Newlife Center in Kathmandu, Nepal.  Home to about 32 wonderful children with varied types of disability, TRIFC has been providing funding for surgeries, prosthetics and medicines.  We partner with the Rotary Club of Kopundol who administer the funding we send over and HRDC Children’s Orthopedic Hospital who provide the surgeries at a very reasonable cost.

Most recently, Naina Dahal received corrective surgery on his leg to help straighten it (see photos).  When Naina first arrived at DNC in 2004 he was very weak and in a malnourished condition.  Both of his feet were twisted and inverted.  He was unable to walk and had to be carried everywhere.  After a number of surgeries, his mobility improved greatly and he is now able to walk with the help of calipers.

What can I say about Naina?  I have known this quiet, gentle soul since he first arrived at DNC.  We are good friends and we like to sit and chat together.  He is extremely bright, his English is excellent and he does very well in school.  One thing I notice about Naina is how he never demands attention, he shares it with the other children.  Because he isn’t as assertive, boisterous and loud as many of the other kids, he doesn’t get as much attention from the outside volunteers.  I often find him sitting quietly reading or studying in his room.  I always look for him and make sure that we get to spend quality time together.

Although I care about all of the DNC children, Naina is definitely something very special and I am glad that we are friends!

-Rob Rose


House-Mom, Shanti with Naina and other children from DNC – Disabled Newlife Center- Kathmandu, Nepal





Shanti with Naina after surgery at HRDC hospital, Nepal